Our History


Fulfilling a Need 

Back in 2004, while working on the Mississippi River, Duncan Armentor, founder of Shamrock Marine, had a few instances where he was unable to board a boat traveling the river once it passed a specific point. Armentor saw the need for a launch service company to fill the gap and purchased his first boat from a dive company located in Alabama. Shortly after the 'Miller Diver 1' was piloted back from Alabama with only a fishing map and a vision to guide the way.

In March 2005, the 'Deuce' left Lafette and headed upriver to work. With one boat  tied to an old sunken boat on the bank, the small crew went to work one job at a time. Slowly, building a good reputation, Shamrock gained more business and equipment. Later they purchased our first dock barge and set up shop on the west bank of the river below 100-mile point after making a pivotal handshake deal. 

As the years passed and Shamrock Marine grew, the company has always put a high priority in investing in the company’s equipment and crew. Believing that philosophy has grown the company to today's standards and beyound.

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