A Versatile Fleet

When you need supplies and parts trucked day or night, we have you covered. Our fleet of vehicles, including cargo vans, 20-foot box trucks, and heavy-duty 35-foot trailers capable of hauling 20,000 lb. loads, can handle large shipment orders. With trucks of different sizes, we can select the right size for your job, saving your company extra money associated with elevated fuel costs.

By owning and maintaining our own fleet of delivery vehicles, we can control costs to our customers and provide instant service when needed. 

In order to ensure your shipment arrives without a spot or blemish, all of our trucks have proper cargo retaining systems as well as retaining bars. Additionally, each warehouse has an automated shrink wrapping machine which wraps up orders securely before we load them into the truck.

Driver Qualifications 

In addition to owning a pristine fleet of trucks equipped with the latest safety standards, we value safe and clean truck drivers. All of our drivers hold a clean driving record and participate in our mandatory and random drug screening program. 

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