Your Trusted River Partner


Operating the Best Equipment to Provide the Best Service

For over 16 years, Shamrock Marine has operated the first fleet of custom-built, outboard-driven, Coast Guard fully-inspected vessels. All of our boats have been tested and issued stability letters by the Coast Guard to carry various cargo weights. 


yellow_boat.jpgA Capable Fleet 

Our crew operates the Chloe, an inspected vessel with a 3200 lb. deck crane onboard. Capable of reaching 34 mph, this vessel can load or unload heavy parts right to your vessel in the river. This is great for dive support around docks and heavy storing operations.

While re-investing in our equipment has grown us to have the fastest fleet on the river, we still treat each job as if it is our most important.

Services We Provide 

Shamrock Marine offers unique launch services for the following: 

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